photo of the day: 12.7.2010

Our German Elf!

Okay, so she's not German and she's not exactly and elf, but this beautiful package came in the mail today.  Special delivery from Germany.  This is a replacement for a broken ornament of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.  D and I did a quick tour back on his R&R in 2006 and we bought a beautiful ornament when we were there.  Fast forward to Christmas 2007 when a tank ornament (yes, we have one that's a tank) got dropped and CRUSHED the Neuschwanstein ball that we had.  The ornament wasn't even broken, it was destroyed - shards of glass were left and that's it.  

Well, this year, D got in touch with my dear friend Anna who just PCS'd to Germany.  I challenge anybody to find someone who loves Christmas more than this woman (Christmas music year round - seriously - July).  She was the perfect person to find us a replacement and she did!  Such a beautiful ornament and I can't wait to get it on the tree!  Thank you very much Ms. Anna!!!! 

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