Randalls Island Rugby - Saturday

Randall's Island - Rugby Saturday

I'll be honest, I wasn't that excited that the Saturday morning of our Anniversary was going to be spent on windy Randall's Island watching Rugby.  :)  But....I figured I could take some cool pictures.  I packed up my beautiful Canon, my zoom lens - thought about my settings for the sun and the action in the cab - got there and.... DEAD.  

Dead Camera.  That's never actually happened to me before.  Its never been 100% dead.

So, camera phone it was.

D, waiting to go "hurt some people"
 That's my #3!
There were actually two #3s, which was a little confusing, but I know those shoulders anywhere!
 CBS Taking down the Yalies
 I'm pretty sure I was watching someone kick D in the head here.  I was horrified.  
Maybe next time I should bring cocktails.
Columbia took down Yale and Dartmouth (which I only deduced from the stoppage and sideline cheering.)  
I'm definitely going to have to gain some more understanding before the next game.  
Namely, how much gasping is appropriate from the sideline. :)

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Coll said...

Ruggers are hotties! You're one lucky lady! ;o)

Maira Gall