Happy Birthday Seamus!

(Yes, I am writing a post about my dog and his Birthday.)

Today Seamus is 1. 
That means we have been blessed to have this happy little guy for exactly 10 months!  I truly mean that - blessed.  He is absolutely the funniest little puppy and couldn't get any sweeter.  He loves running, people, dogs, water and easy cheese.  He does not love the blowdryer.

Wags his tail at everything, even unfriendly dogs. Likes to hold your hand in his mouth.  Loves to give kisses.  Loves to be kissed on the nose.  Loves to jump, although, we really wish he didn't love it so much.  Loves us.  Every day, no matter what kind of mood we are in. No matter how long we have had to leave him.  No matter what.  Wouldn't it be great if the world loved like puppies?
We love you too little Seamy! xo

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