A Farewell to Washington, DC...

This post is a little overdue, but I blame a busy September and terrible internet service.

Once again, we packed up our worldly belongings and watched... horrified... as they were driven off by Army movers. ;) Kidding.  Sort of.

In the rear view mirror this time was beautiful and patriotic Washington, DC.  
As with every place we've lived, I found things to fall in love with and I fell.  I fell hard.  Fell hard for our little suburban oasis and all the happy things that it brought.  Fell hard for the warm weather that arrived in March and didn't leave until November.  The many things to do in DC.  The great places that were within driving distance (Chapel Hill!!!).  The friends we got to be closer to and the new ones we made.
Our time in DC was during a monumental election season and the resulting inauguration.  The snowstorm of the decade that happened not once, but twice! Love the snow!  I got to see the monuments from the window of a blackhawk helicopter - thank you US Army Aviation.  Toured the West Wing and the White House gardens with friends as tourguides (they have very cool jobs.)
I will miss my little house - our first house!  Yes, it was Army housing, but it was cute and practically brand new!  I already miss my yard, our BBQ, our little potted garden (fresh mojitos anyone?) and the patio where we spent many an evening having dinner and drinks with friends and family. Sigh...

DC was our first (and last) posting near a major city.  We will surely miss living and working in our nations capital, the lovely friends we got to be closer to and the ones we made while we were here! 

DC also came with a deployment, but blessed us with a happy homecoming!  For that reason, DCA and BWI will always hold happy places in my heart! :)

xo DC.
It's been real. 
See you soon!


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Thank you and thank you for coming to visit more than once! Living anywhere is always better when Friends come to visit! :)

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