Erin & Jason's Wedding!

Still loving the wonderful weekend we spent in Savannah for Erin + Jason's wedding.  The two of them have really wonderful family and friends. We were so happy to spend this beautiful day with them.  Savannah gave them great weather and both the Bride and Groom were stunning!
It was a military wedding, which is unique, but really impressive when the boys get all dressed up. :)
Miguel stopping traffic with one of the sabers from the ceremony was pretty damn funny.
Love this picture of Erin.  I believe the photographer was telling the boys to pick the Bride up for the photo.  As you can see, they had to "craft" a plan to pick up this 100lb girl.  Of course, Erin is just standing there ... waiting!
And the picture that I know the photographer didn't get, but is soooo Jason + Erin....
It probably goes without saying, but Jason is obviously a very lucky man! :) xo guys! 

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