photo of the day: 6.20.2010

Belvoir Mascot

I tried to think of a clever Caddyshack reference, but I've never seen the movie, so there it was.  Did you miss it? :)  These things run around all over post. I wanted to snap a picture of one and Daniel told I had to get closer to get a decent picture.


"Honey, I am closer, I'm afraid he's going to duck under if I get any closer."

"Get closer... c'mon...two more feet."

"Ok, I did two feet.  I'm not sure I want to be closer.  What if it bites me?"

"Its not going to bite you.  A couple more steps...just a couple more."

"ok. ok. This thing is huge and looks more like ...ewww...its got a really long tail."

"You're right, that thing is huge...two more steps anyway."

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