photo of the day: 5.20.2010 & new haircut!

They say the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks.  In this case, it was more like 4 weeks.

After 6 months of growing out Seamus' beautiful mat-free puppy coat, we took him for his first cut.  It was getting too hot for him. 

You know the cut is bad when the groomer comes out and says, "please don't tell everyone I'm the worst groomer ever...."  Uhhh... lady, were is my freakin dog?

DISASTER. The groomer did such a horrible job, I think Seamus was unsure about what happened to him.  In addition to a choppy cut, she shaved the top of his nose (what?) and cut him bangs (a la Betty Page).  It was truly weird.  
But 4 weeks later, he's still cute as ever.  

From now on, he's going to my Mom.  You hear that Mom?

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Donna said...

he is a flash back to Malachy.........! In every way good..........

Maira Gall