Dreaming in terms of the NYT Travel Section

For the past month, I have been dreaming in terms of the NYTimes travel section.
Give me a plane ticket and a destination, PLEASE!
It has been a WHILE since D and I took a serious vacation.  Sure, we've traveled a bunch, but mostly for work and holidays.  

To me, a true vacation is a destination with no plans.

So, tomorrow, I am booking tickets.  To somewhere.  For some period of time.  
To eat whatever is put in front of me.  To Sleep 12 hours a night (yes, we seriously do that).  
To nap in the afternoon (yes, even after 12 hours of sleep, if we want).  
To explore.  To have fun.

Destination, a little unknown at the moment, but I have some good ideas. ;)
Maira Gall